Hailing from the Gold Coast of Australia Kitana plays acoustic guitar and is 'PROUD' to be an independent Singer / Songwriter, who's songs most commonly are categorized as 'Crossover Pop', speaking of life's experience & journeys.

Having had 4 'Number 1' songs chart on Independent 'Top 40' Radio Charts across the globe, Kitana is a multi genre songwriter that enjoys continuing to better develop & hone her craft by also collaborating on side projects with other Artists, Musicians & Producers, completing collaborations as close to her as her home country of Australia to as far away as California, New York, Illinois, New Mexico, Scotland and England. Kitana has released 2 albums thus far, 'Sketches of th Heart' - Released in August 2003 and her current album 'One Soul...Many Journeys' - Released January 2007.

Kitana's music airs Nationally across Australia but can also be heard worldwide on many commercial, community, Podcast & online Radio Programs plus Australian Music Video TV. Kitana also appeared in an 8 part series for SBS National Television Australia in 2005, for a songwriting documentary in search of an 'Anthem' for the FIFA World Cup', which resulted in her song being published to 'Universal Records' Australia.

Kitana has songs featured in an upcoming Feature Film Movie for release in America for 2008, has appeared ' live' in venues across Australia, won songwriting competitions & has being widely acknowledged by her fellow Independent musical peers, however what Kitana is most grateful for is that her music is being openly accepted & embraced by the general public globally, in being 'chosen' to be listened too, giving her the ability to continue to 'LOVE' what she is doing... by 'DOING' what it is she loves!

This Town
ever been in love with a 'feeling'?

Adult Contemporary
h h

Write You a Ringtone (5683)
Text in '5683' to ur mobile phone and see what it spells :-) Then you will know exactly what the song is about! :-)

Adult Contemporary
h h

Daddies Little Girl
The love every girl young or old hold's for her Dad and every Dad's joy in having a daughter. Written & Composed by Kitana

h h

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7/13/2010 9:02:46 AM
Absolutely beautiful music...Thy Kingdom IS Here All the best EM GIEL



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