French fairy-like & perverse pop music "made in Belgium"

Lunabee's world is both naïve and caustic, tender and cruel, full of melodies and humour.

In the beginning, Lunabee explored the world of keyboards, samplers, and computers with her 10 fingers. She delighted in odd sounds, and swooned with pleasure at being able to play by herself, sounding like a full orchestra. Since she had great enthusiasm, she even wanted to sing the songs she was writing. Strangely enough, she always sang too high for her range... So she called upon a friend to rescue her, one who had a pure and delightful voice, able to sing those ethereal tunes: Pascale Vervloet.
Lunabee also tried her hand at poetry. She felt a terrible attraction to murky things, mingled with an irrepressible aspiration for beauty. Not always finding the words, she called upon two lyrical writers to whom the galaxy provided her with, Pierre Louis and Brigitte Thiriart. The world of "Prenez garde aux flots bleus" took shape. Unexpectedly, Pierre Vervloesem arrived, offering to artistically produce the album, adding some magic guitar touches, too. He mixed the music with great mastery, and burned a disc that Lunabee had cloned in great numbers. All this is now splendidly wrapped in crispy cellophane, with a beautiful underwater design on the booklet by Thierry Mondelaers.

You can listen to more music or buy the album here:

Les Rats
Available on iTunes

h h

Quand maman n'est pas là (Lunabee remix)
Available on iTunes

Down Tempo
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