Erase the Virus is an industrial/metal band from Houston. Their music is fueled by industrial beats, metal (up your ass) guitar, and lyrics about sex, drugs, god, and rock & roll. This band tends to make more enemies than fans.

Erase the Virus was formed in early 2004 by Chris Navasatis. Influenced by bands such as Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Korn, chris toyed with a vision of his own take on industrial music. In mid 2004, Chris met guitarist Josh Webster, who immediately became fascinated with Chris's vision and soon added his own flavor of metal guitar riffs.

Shortly after, Josh introduced Chris to guitarist Richard, and drummer Noiz, and Erase the Virus was born. The four musicians quickly adapted a common vision of Industrial Metal, and life was breathed into the intense and destructive music of Erase the Virus.

Ben joined the ranks about a year later, boasting a strong grasp of electronic music from his own band Pulled Nerve.

Shortly thereafter, Josh left Erase the Virus and Robert stepped right in to replace him.

""We are the music your parents don't want you to hear,"" Chris once qouted. When asked about the different elements of Erase the Virus Chris responded, ""When it comes to our music, guitars are like girls...the more, the better!"" The singer continued, ""and live drums add a whole new level of dynamics to beats you just can't get with electronic music. Without these guys Erase the Virus would not be what it is today.""

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