The Last Thoughts of Ezra Pound is an indie rock band from Boulder, Colorado founded in late September 2011 but conceived on a cold tile floor in the winter of 2007. Last Thoughts has two members, Malcolm P.Floyd and Ambrose Williams, both multi-instrumentalists and vocalists. Known for their lyricism and dissonance, the band springs from traditions of noise-ambient shoegaze, post-punk, delta blues, and folk.

Prior to their current diptych, Malcolm and Ambrose were members of Otis and the Professors, a band that Malcolm founded with close friend John Hart, also known as Otis. They then played briefly in the improvisational street group The Waxwing Slain, along with violinist and pianist Rena Z.

Informed by the late work of Otis and the Professors, whose albums include Basic Food Groups, Forty-Nine Hundred, and Falling Through a Lighted Maze / From Ash, they are currently at work on their debut album, All the World's Aflame(!).

The Good Disease

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Where Your Ashes Flew (Overpasses)

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The Last Thoughts Of Ezra Pound