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Nigels - We'd Go For a Walk and Get Coffee
       Marcus L. Miller

Paulo Gama

9/6/2010 2:23:34 PM

Hi!Just to say keep on with the good work.

Chandra Moon

8/23/2010 9:06:08 AM

I've just been to the most amazing Kora Festival this weekend in Brighton UK - you'd have loved it!! I've put lots of photos up on Facebook if you're interested. Find me as Chandra Moon. Best wishes.

Marcus L. Miller

5/20/2010 2:50:13 PM

For latest Marcus L. Miller info, please go to http://marcusmillerdrums.com

Marcus L. Miller

5/20/2010 2:48:06 PM

Thank you for linking to my page:
Marc Ceccotti
Paolo de Manincor
Little Red King
Bryon Tosoff
Nice Station
Up to the light ?
Affinity ties

Films Music
Mirror 5
Cup of Joe

Marcus L. Miller

5/20/2010 2:46:00 PM

Thanks to all the stations who have added my tracks and thank you all for listening.

Bryon Tosoff

4/21/2010 12:29:27 AM

dig your groovin tunes,. love the whole happening vibe on both your tunes. great listen

Third Stream

7/16/2009 6:25:25 PM

Listen to your tunes twice just because I liked them so much-!! World class chops and ideas... 5 Stars *****

JazzXpress Caravan

2/21/2009 1:11:56 AM

Marcus L. Miller love your tracks with the World/Jazz ensemble Freedom Jazz Movement . Bring it on!

Geoff Lapp Trio

8/11/2008 6:05:07 PM

Just tuned in to your music..just great. Really dig it


Geoff Lapp

Marcus L. Miller

2/7/2007 1:30:09 AM

Newsletter Date
Volume 1, Issue 3
February 2007

Greetings! Here we are in the midst of another Black History month celebration. The door of time revolves so quickly these days…

•I can be found at many libraries and museums throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, and Riverside counties. For a complete list please contact your local library or go to www.marcusmillerdrums.com.
•I would like to thank all of those fans who came out to support in Durham, NC last week. I hope you enjoyed those two nights; they were special. For those of you who missed the the shows featuring my band Freedom Jazz Movement and Chris Botti’s band at the Carolina Theatre, don’t despair, there will b be others
•We’ll be back on the East Coast in May as a part of the Virginia Arts Festival. Look for us with the Lula Washington Dance Theatre. 5-18-07 Attucks Theatre-Norfolk, VA, 5-24-07 Ferguson Center- Newport News, VA
•The wait is just about over. Many of you have been patiently awaiting the release of my next CD. As of March 2007, my newest Universe Soul Records release,”Back Again”, will be available online at itunes, cdbaby, and most online music retailers. Additionally, this month if you go to www.myspace.com/freedomjazzmovement ,you can hear some of the cuts off the new album.
Thanks again for your continued support and please if you like what you hear, pass it on.


This month also marks the beginning of my yearlong Artist in Residence with the CA African-American Museum in Los Angeles. Join us the first Sunday of each month for the Target Family Sundays.
This event will feature a variety of activities for the entire family. I shall conduct drum circles and hold an open forum/discussion on drumming. The Village Drum project is designed to celebrate all of the unique Drum traditions within our local community of Los Angeles.
There will be arts and crafts projects for young and old to parta

Marcus L. Miller

2/7/2007 1:26:48 AM

• Feb 4, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)
• Feb 6,2007- Palm Springs Library 7pm
• Feb 9, 2007 - Torrance Civic Center Library 4pm
• Feb 10, 2007 - LaHabra Library 11am
• Feb 13, 2007 - Westwood Library 4pm
• Feb 15, 2007 - Wilmington Branch Library 3:30pm
• Feb 20, 2007 - Temecula Library 4pm
• Feb 21, 2007 - Jackie Robinson Academy 8-10am
• Feb 21, 2007 - Orangewood Children's home 3:30pm
• Feb 22, 2007 - Monrovia Public Library - 3:45pm

• Mar 2, 2007 - Patrick Henry Library 9-11am
• Mar 4, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)
• Mar 6, 2007 - Orange Library- El Modena Branch 3:30pm

• Apr 4, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)
• Apr 19, 2007 - Marina Del Rey Library 4pm
• Apr 22, 2007 - Huntington Library 11-4pm

• May 6, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)
• May 8, 2007 - Apple Valley Library 3:30pm
• May 9, 2007 - Taft Library 3:30pm

• Jun 3, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)
• Jun 26, 2007 Huntington Beach Library 12pm

• Jul 1, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)
• Jul 11, 2007 - Westminster Library 11am
• Jul 11, 2007 - Rosemead Library 3pm
• Jul 17, 2007 - Westchester Library 4pm
• July 18, 2007 - Downey Library 2pm
• July 25, 2007 - Newport Beach Library 10:301m
• July 25, 2007 - Heritage Park regional Library 3pm

• Aug 1, 2007 - West Garden Grove Library 4pm
• Aug 2, 2007 - Montebello Library 2pm
• Aug 5, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)
• Aug 8, 2007 - Chapman Library 4pm
• Aug 13, 2007 - Newport Beach Central Library 10:30am
• Aug 15, 2007 - Palos Verdes Library 4pm
• Aug 16, 2007 - Newport Beach Library 10:30am

• Sep 2, 2007 - CA African-American Museum 1-4pm (*Every 1st Sunday of each month)

• Oct 7, 2007 - CA African-American Muse


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