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Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe
Billy Stark Stone w/ Rico Blythe is a new project featuring the aforementioned. Billy Stark Stone was the lead singer/founding member of NYC's original teen punk band The Blessed. Rico Blythe was the guitarist in a later incarnation of the same that resulted in the release of an EP titled 'Taboo' that sold out it's initial run. Now Billy and Rico have teamed up to create this exciting new enterprise. Beginning with the release of their new single "Revolution Rerun" they have recently finished th
We're an artists collective from different parts of the world, leaded by Alfredo Norese, a talented producer and musician from Argentina. We want to introduce you to NORS, our more recent project, composing, producing and performing pop tunes. Nors is the result of the combinated talents of Alfredo producing and composing, Brandon Haygood from Texas (USA) writing lyrics and Tolu Salako from Nigeria, Sahil Dhandia from India and Rob Maude from UK, singing. ...
DJ Moxey
DJ and Producer from Ireland. iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> /iframe> ...
Beautiful, formerly Borsfa Durd, was conceived in Chicago in 2012 as a collaboration between Jeff Foiles and various artists around the globe. For the current single, "Cheat", Beautiful is proud to feature the amazing Aisha Ricketts on vocals, and the legendary Danny Weis on lead guitar. All parts were recorded in the home base of each artist, and mixed and mastered in the UK, making Beautiful a true product of the internet age. iframe width="560" height="315" src="
Willow HillGenuinely Everything
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Arthur Rivers
Arthur is an accomplished Musician and soulful Singer/Songwriter based in Switzerland, Germany. A talented creative, he is also a Cinematographer and Video Artist, respected within the industry for his originality and versatility. His dual ability to dabble in both acoustic and electronic soundscapes sets him apart. On a mission to make his audiences smile and enjoy life as much as he does, Arthur’s music charms, enlightens and delights a varied audience the world over. Hailing from Kazakhst
Lehman Skrap Folk/rock
Lehman Skrap is a singer/songwriter who enjoys making music that speaks to people... ...
Sabrina Fallah is a rock artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A natural on stage with her polished vocals to her guitar playing, this talented singer-songwriter has a powerful voice and a lot of personality. Sabrina has already made a name for herself by performing wherever possible over the years. Some of her music influences include Green Day, Bon Jovi and Billy Idol. You can hear a bit of each of her mentors in her original songs where their influences have become a part of her unique blen
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David Angel Gerrot Free Mp3 Download from Artist ""David 'Angel' Gerrot"" the New Hit Song ""OFF ME"" Come get it NOW! Production artist Angel Gerrot's New album out now in stores ""Angels Gerrot"". Get you copy at ITunes, or any other fine retailer. Listen to Angel Gerrot at Reverbnation for free and here the new hit single ""Some Kind of Crowd"". Music, rap, r&b, pop, new album, album, new single, single, Angel Gerrot ...
Andre TyroneR&B/Soul
I've been in lots of talent shows, open mic and completion, I have been writing since age 12 and singing since age 5, I want to sing to sold out shows, tour the world and change lives through music, I currently have an Album out ""Lets Begin"" and I'm currently working on my second Album ""Black and White"" Lets Change the world, one song at a time. ...
C-Wes and T-Baby
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FiNMUSiC 2017World
Sessionmusic Inmage ...
Double O
Floyd Crossman, better known as Double O, was born in Kingston Jubilee Hospital on September 25 of 1984. Mother Merlene Alwood and father Fitzroy Crossman, resided in their home parish Portland, so even though Floyd was born in Kingston, Jamaica, he claims Portland, Jamaica as that's where he was raised. Floyd and his family lived high above sea level in a stall district call Barracks, that is perfectly located overlooking the ocean in Mancheoneil Portland. The name Floyd was originally given to
Jayy Queezy
Born in 1996 on the Southside of Chicago, Jaquez R. Hailey “Jayy Queezy” is hip hop rap artist that brings an honest and genuine sound to the music industry. He started by working with good friends and members of Arrogant Fame Productions, Travie, Kurtiss Berry and Chief Marco, they went to record at local engineer D. P. Thurty’s studio, he then encouraged them to take their music more seriously because of their unique sound. Jayy Queezy says this about his sound, “The music is my life story, ho
Kris Woodbird
Kris Woodbird is a spritual indiefolk poet, singer, lyricist, writer, and musician living in the south of north Europe. Kris Woodbird is not for the masses, he is for the outcast, the dreamers, the stray and the wild, the light and dark of the forest and soil, the concrete of the city, and the wan light of the traveling owls whispering soul, and the voice of the lovers and the dumped. Kris wood bird is You. And his latest album is Monsters of heart. Stay with him. He will stay with you. Kris
Base AuraGammi
BaseAura Aka Base AuraGammi is from the Bronx/Harlem NY has Been Making music for over 10 years for his fans with 5 mixtapes on and over 2 millon total plays on #SoundCloud also with music singles on ITunes, Spotify, etc Base AuraGammi looks expand his talents in Music. Recently signed a distribution deal with FreeWay Rick Ross music Group / Universal Records Distribution Group Base AuraGammi will reach more fans and Excell stay in Tune Base AuraGammi has worked with Some Big Names
Daniel Evans (Official)
Memorie Laine
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