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Good evening. I am peter of crashtv. I've got this pipeline thing here because scott told me to. I don't have much to say so it's more a pipette-line really.

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7/29/2006 1:48:07 AM
to my dear friend, Laurie

7/11/2006 7:49:45 PM
What should I put in here?




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peterdc Look! These are words.
Ash Hey Baby! Your page is up..Now we can hang out. Thank you for visiting my pipeline page. Really is nice of you.
Ash I know you're resting, come back soon. Me go sleepies now too.
peter I rest often.
kelly "pipette-line" is one of the funniest things I've heard all day.
peter what were the others, I wonder
Ash Hiya Kelly! You've found the meastro's underpassage to tortilla's hot and fresh 100000 miles away
peter Naughty apostrophe there, Ash. No tortilla for you.
Ash backspacing rapidly swiftly, must remove naughtypostrophe. really hungry too.
Ash I go to bed of nails now. I make error on comment down south. Nighty Nighters.
peter have a nice hover-dream x
WIKKED Your welcome...I added my link as well so see if you like any of our stuff...No obligation..Just check it out. L8R
Ash WIKKED really rocks, I'm in love with their sound. This is bad real bad. hah!
peter I like the honesty of WIKKED's sound.
loz haha, love your gallery! you are too cute, mate :). I was going to play with you & Ash in the comments, but I'd have to create a user account & I'm far too lazy for that. so I be wordy here. hello Ash, too! er, why is this little box too short? xx
loz oops, that was me with the skeleton comment, but I forgot my name & became anomynous for a brief moment of complete madness.
peter That's a fern of some sort. If you click it you can find out. You have to choose one, you see.
Ash Hiya Loz! soo great to see you! the shout boxes are great fun huh.
loz ah, this place has traveled back in time! :D
Ash Hiya Loz! soo great to see you! the shout boxes are great fun huh.
peter That's a fern of some sort. If you click it you can find out. You have to choose one, you see.
peter yep, there it goes again. I'll switch that option off.
Ash Hiya!
peter evenin' :)
jillnojack Good heavens, p, you have been all over the place tonight, haven't ye?
jillnojack Sadly, I shan't be able to visit here often. Scott/Russ has threatened to prosecute me for emailing artists here - must be off quickly.
Scott aw poor Jill. Don't blame me for what Russ wrote you btw. Still that has nothing to do with talking to Peter on a tagboard, get real..
peter now, now, boys and girls...
jillnojack he is certainly vigilant, eh?
peter spookily so
Scott Hey Peter, did you ever think it might serve ya someday to learn some manners and not crap on your friends ?
peter What in hell are you talking about?
peter you really are a bit mental, Scott.
loz woowoo, hello.
peter hello, you :)
mrs.b hi p, my old friend. it's holly...i was just thinking about you and wondering how you were. i was hoping to maybe catch up with you.
peter Holly! (mrs? Oh gawwd what ya done now?). Yes please get in touch: crashtv@boltblue.com - the emails go through me first. NICE to hear from you, Holly-stranger. :)
peter HOLLY - Skype, dude...
holly click this click.
peter Easier, innit?
peter haha, Loz! it's HOLLY : )
tordA Umm?
tordA what have happend to Ash?
mrs.b hey P...been busy, haven't looked into skype yet. do i need a high speed connection for that?
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      8/30/2006 9:01:32 AM Add Comment

I'm bored with this now.


      8/12/2006 4:14:06 AM Add Comment
I say, what a lovely bass! *nudge*


      8/9/2006 1:39:05 PM Add Comment
I just bought a new bass. It's LOVELY. And it's HERE.

And in a big picture HERE.


      7/29/2006 12:05:54 AM Add Comment
My poor mum.

I picked her up from Moorfields Eye Hospital today. She'd had an eye lens replaced. Get this. They fitted the wrong one.

Here are their 3 suggestions...

1) Replace it immediately - another operation that day right after the first horrific experience.
2) leave it.
3) Do the other eye later so it matches the first wrong one and get glasses.

Madly she's gone for option 3.

Well it's up to her.

She can see better already and that makes me very happy.


      7/28/2006 11:55:26 PM Add Comment
I was just on LBC radio (London talk radio, much fun). I managed to get the word "calatious" in, which is a made up word. A challenge by James O Brian - a mediocre morning presenter.

I got this past Bill Buckley, the ULTIMATE English language pedant.

I'm feeling very proud of me for being, as my mum would say, "a clever old stick".

My poor mum.


      7/26/2006 10:34:29 AM Add Comment
33 degrees. Went to the park. Sat with my feet in the lake. Nice


      7/22/2006 3:18:52 AM Add Comment
You know what I miss much at the moment? My ex wife, symone. She's an idiot but I miss her.


      7/20/2006 9:57:56 PM Add Comment
This page is a mess.


      7/20/2006 9:57:17 PM Add Comment
Hospital blood tests today. All fine.


      7/18/2006 10:13:24 AM Add Comment
It's nice here in London. 33/34C, clear blue sky, a gentle breeze. I went to the park and laid in the sun for a couple of hours (near a pine tree so it smelt like I was in Southern Spain). Hotter tomorrow. Splendid. Except that Art Garfunkel wants me to go to his house to play badminton. I don't think I will. He buys that cheap coffee.


      7/15/2006 3:10:19 PM Add Comment
Ah good then you know what your talking about then. I'm glad your biking is making you feel great. Killer Cranberries. That would be a cool band name :)

I'll try again with emailing you.

Congrats on the Station Rankings! Thank you for keeping Twisted around too :)


      7/15/2006 12:00:01 PM Add Comment
no email arriving here.



      7/15/2006 11:17:56 AM Add Comment
And NO Ash, It gets YOUR energy up. People are complicated. Vitamin B makes me tired. I get UP and lively by cycling, and I'm enjoying that hugely. Been a long time. I get the itch to cycle every few hours. I'd forgotten that feeling.

Anyway, 601 is all nicely arranged now (I think). And I notice it seems to be in the top 20 stations all of a sudden. Should I be working in A&R? haha :)


      7/15/2006 11:04:07 AM Add Comment
Rather more complex than that, Ash. Seaweed/kelp is rich in vitimin K which would possibly kill me by stopping warfarin working.

There's no point me taking it and adjusting warfarin accordingly because that's a compromise and it's taken me 4 years to get even remotely stable on a warfaring dose (a MASSIVE 15mg per day which would kill mosst people). I'm safe with warfarin. I can't drink my favourite cranberry juice either because I'll start beeding out of my skin. It's like diabetes and you saying, go on have some sugar... It's not gonna kill you... well yes it might do.

You is all evil temptress. Naughty Ash.


      7/15/2006 12:43:42 AM Add Comment
Ohhh! rewwy?? I'm sorry to hear that. It would bring your overall energy back up, too bad the doctor won't let you take something so natural from the sea. We are part of the sea.

Got your email! thanks! I wrote you back.


Horses have long eyelashes too.


      7/14/2006 12:21:24 PM Add Comment
Ash - I can't eat seaweed - it will interact with warfarin which I have to take daily to control my blood: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/warfarin


      7/14/2006 8:18:45 AM Add Comment
My new Sennheiser headphones arrived today. HD205. 14-20,000 Hz. Wonderful.


      7/13/2006 8:26:05 PM Add Comment

Juan Ponce De Leon never found the Fountain of Youth. Little did he know, he was ,surrounded and floating in it.

I eat 7grams a day, if I forget, my body pays for it.


      7/13/2006 6:35:35 PM Add Comment
I was at my mum's tonight with my brother Chris (crashtv). We recorded some rather spiffing guitar for one of the new tracks we're working on, "Fingernail". My cat, Bruja, was thrilled to see me (she's sooo sweet). And then I came home inside Chris's car and typed this with my hands. I might type something else in a minute if anything takes my fancy. I think I shall now draw upon the cup of coffee I made some minutes earlier.


      7/13/2006 6:31:55 PM Add Comment
There is no punchline about the bagpipes. It's more an observation.

Seaweed... well I take warfarin every day. That controls my blood. I'd only die if I stopped taking it (my blood would clot inside me like it did a few years ago and I spent 3 months in hospital where they were kind enough to infect me with MRSA too which nearly killed me after they'd saved my life with about 5 minutes to spare - odd that... it was like my whole *self* had retreated into my head and my body wasn't really anything to do with me. But enough of that. I'll write it all properly one day which would probably help the counselling I still have about all that). And thank you, Ash, for the kind words. x We must have a skype sometime...


      7/13/2006 4:08:51 PM Add Comment

What is the answer to your bagpipe joke?

Peter: Please do some research on "Seaweed". I'm 1000% serious. To lose you would be such a tradgedy for me and everybody else who loves you.


      7/13/2006 1:45:46 PM Add Comment
I was at hospital today for my weekly blood tests. I'm thinking of fitting some sort of tap in my arm. I'm afflicted with lupus anticoagulant. There is no cure. Ho hum.


      7/13/2006 11:37:29 AM Add Comment
I'd like to hear them. They can't be any worse than proper ones.


      7/13/2006 9:02:41 AM Add Comment

(delete that last comment if you want, I wasn't signed into the right account) irk!

When you've clubbed a bear to death with them?
Speaking of which, omg check out this link. It made me laugh. http://www.hackaday.com/entry/1234000307053986


      7/13/2006 7:25:51 AM Add Comment
How can you tell if bagpipes are out of tune?


      7/13/2006 5:20:06 AM Add Comment
The right to bear arms is a very peculiar hobby. I suppose you can club somebody to death with them though.


      7/12/2006 11:21:14 AM Add Comment
The right to bear arms. Why would anyone want the arms of a bear? I can only imagine it would be rather cumbersome.


      7/11/2006 8:06:17 PM Add Comment
I'm going to bed in a minute. I'm going to try to dream of hovering on a sort of hover-platform. No particular reason.


      7/11/2006 7:48:51 PM Add Comment
I ordered the DVD "Rocket Ship XM" from Amazon. I like trashy 50's/60's scifi with all the big clunky levers and giant dials, and people smoking on space ships.


      7/11/2006 7:44:28 PM Add Comment
The people who live upstairs are noisy. They irritate me.


      7/8/2006 3:57:37 AM Add Comment
Hey you! This is great we can hang out now on the pipeline. I see your sign is - (or Fern) - Defiance, independence, resourcefulness. I can see that easily with you. ha! You and that bike for one.

london uk view more pics...