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Hawaii born and raised, I live for the sound.
life turning point
getting my first boat
my advice to you
Don't carve any wooden nickels.

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1/1/2010 11:07:07 AM
The most important political story of 2009 was

12/10/2009 7:57:50 PM
Sarah Palin weasels out of possible climate change debate with Al Gore

12/6/2009 4:09:14 PM
Sarah Palin doesn't like Asians, according to her father

12/1/2009 11:55:51 PM
Obama gave another historic speech tonight.

11/27/2009 10:23:09 AM
Obama pushes lobbyists off Federal Advisory Boards






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cris tanzi thanks again for adding "enough" to your playlist!
Todd (Hop On Pop) Heya Holo, here is the IMDB link for Bullworth -- a film that I think you will enjoy IMMENSELY: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/maindetails
Marigold driver If you have a music site I'd put a song on my station Marigold Meets because you are and influential blogger. Let me know
Beth Fridinger I hope you stay here!
Chris That wasn very tactful...... was it?
holo you're acting like a psycho
bt good posts lately
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