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Friday, February 17, 2017 12:37:31 PM
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Friday, February 17, 2017 12:38:38 PM


We were up late, or early, kinda both... watching the live youtube feed from NASA of the International Space Station cameras orbiting the earth, it's like being in orbit yourself, it's cool, then we wrote this song.


Five in the morning
I'm hardly yawning anyway
Been flying over snow caps
Been wondering 'bout the stop gaps

Nobody's perfect
Maybe it's worth it anyway
Some kind of winding river
Wonder do they deliver

Every day...
I'm flying high above the planet
Walk away...
I'll sort it out where I have landed

I'm on deck
And I punch the clock
Oh heck
I forgot to rock
Instead I just kind of drop
Every day's Judgement Day
I suppose, I will go where I go

I speak in nonsense
I've got a conscience anyway
I know the past is sweeter
I'm running out the meter

Grew up in Health Tex
Couldn't read subtext anyway
I'm climbing up the mountain
To drink from Heaven's Fountain

Every day...
Get outa bed and make the coffee
Every day...
I'm dead but didn't let that stop me
I'm inspired so I burn the coal
Desire has all but left my soul on fire
It's all for Rock N Roll
Every day's Judgement Day
I don't know
It'll go where it goes


I'm on top, then I lose control
I'm stopped to my very soul
I'm out or I'd smoke a bowl
Just go for momentum and stay on a roll
All night
All the snow caps are still white
I can see the Northern Lights
Trying to make it right
Every day's Judgement Day
But I don't hear a word that I say

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