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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 3:23:49 PM
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 5:41:18 AM
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Radiate Warmth


Its a song about the effects of Christianity on the native culture of Eskimos.

Eskimo people of Lower Kuskokwim Delta for adopting with precision the worst parts of western culture.

It don’t always escalate
I don’t know where we go
I feel like I am stuck in a suicide mission
Don’t you understand
We’re going down
To a place we found
In a comic book full of bull shit
And we wanna get out of it
We got to find a way
Through this place
I know we can go

I feel like I’m in a place
Like a circus
And their ain’t nothing
But a bunch of dead elephants
Sitting around being neglected
By their long mustached owners
And we’re all infected
By this type of voyuerism

Tomorrow is easter Sunday
And its all gonna be
One big religious philosophy
That’s lost on these people
And their lives living in the white
But they shoulda been livin in the light
In the night
When they were feeling alright
And they were out of sight
And I can feel it going on and on
down and filtering to the people
all around who will keep on rocking
through the free world
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