Kale IversonThe Good Times
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 8:07:33 AM
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Thursday, March 27, 2008 5:39:53 AM
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This is a song about being at a concert on New Years Eve dancing with a girl.

Katie Cugno

Trying to get myself back on the right track
But every where I go I’m just derailing
Trying to get myself back to the state of mind that I find
Is conducive to the good times
Ladi dadi dadi da ladi dadi do
Where did you go?
That night we were feeling the music
And I was holding you so tight
But it felt good
And I let you go spinning around on the dance floor
And you looked at me and you smiled
I let you go on the dance floor
And we almost felt alive
Whey does it always seem
That time gets in the way all the time
Why does it seem that we
Can’t control anything going
But our sense of failure somtime
Sometimes it comes back around
I don’t know where it is leading now
I sure know that there is a
Type of place for you
Spinning around
On that dancefloor in this far away town
And we go…
Song Comments

Lonesome Wolf Radio
Kale delivers a fine howl here just in time for "The Good Times" ... Hoooowwwl yeah ...

Davies Ison And Friends...
Cute reggae inflected folk with sunshine and a playful free-spirited childlike quality thats really endearing..

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