Zach BardonMy Oxygen
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Sunday, April 12, 2009 12:55:41 PM
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Sunday, April 12, 2009 1:26:04 PM
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Ode to an important chemical element.

Melody: traditional
Everything else: Zach Bardon

Who doesn't love oxygen? I mean, besides car owners.
My oxygen
I think that I'm in love with you
I drink you in
In countless forms each day
This world I walk
Has more of you than anything
You give life to all that lives
In my world

Before I knew
That you were through and in all things
I never thought
To look around for you
I never guessed
That you're about two thirds of me
Imagine my surprise
When my eyes were opened in school

A fire can't burn
Without fuel and an oxidant
A bird can't sing
Without a breath of air
And without you
My world would just be hydrogen
And without you
My world would turn to ash

A full-grown man
Would only come to two foot tall
An octopus
Would be a beak with skin
The highest peak
Would only rise up half as far
The seven seas
Would shrink to less than one

A fish can't swim
Without the 'O' in 'H2O'
We creatures all
Could none of us respire
A rocket's flight
Would never leave the troposphere
Prehistoric man
Could ne'er discover fire

If I lived on Mars
With only 0.1 percent of you
I'd feel the loss
acutely to say the least
But even Mars
Has at least a little bit of you
And that's something I
Would kill to say of me

A heart can't burn
Without fuel and an oxidant
A man can't sing
Without a breath of air
And daily I
remember how I breathed with you
I feel like I'm asphyxiating
Without you
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