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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 12:56:55 PM
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Monday, September 28, 2009 7:23:09 AM
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Ancient heart ancient heart of England
Something oh yeah something it must be
Must be good must be good for something
I ponder on you from across the sea

You tried to quell to quell the blood of Scotland
You tried to bleed the heart of Wales and Ireland dry
Not content not content you raised the union
Jack the world jack the world near died

You smashed and shattered culture upon culture
Purporting you were merely saving souls
Primitives savages were words you bandied lightly
As your sword your cannon slashed their bloody way
What lesson can be learned from all this carnage

Oh Let us not look to the US of A
Some sorry source of inspiration
Don’t need that shit here but we keep on digging our own graves


Our stoic hearts they bow and scrape
Grateful for each scrap of mercy
Thankful for the crumbs upon our plates

You beat the shit you beat the crap
From what you call our freedom
Your anti terror forces have near won

We go to work tow the line
Seldom ever questioning
Rarely ever questioning the crime
Ignorance ignorance we say is bliss

Everything’s okay today yeah this is what we say
The media they only look to what they think will sell
The economy is paramount another child is dead

The lungs of slaves those lungs are filled
With asbestos and lead
I think about our legacy
My heart it fills with dread

United by just who and for what purpose
To what end
UK EU China Russia US of A

United but never in this kingdom
No no no no
I’ve yet oh I have yet to see it come
United united I’ve yet to see
An empire an empire set people free

The kingdom the wisdom of heaven’s nowhere to be seen
No no no
No no no
No no no no no no no no no


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