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Sunday, February 14, 2010 4:11:15 PM
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Sunday, March 04, 2012 7:06:42 PM
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The Gatekeeper


self-incriminating liberation

Written by jen bye © 2007 SheWolf Publishing (ASCAP)

vocals, guitars: jen bye
bass: Jason P. Chesney
drums: Christopher Allis


I've been so uninspired
I've been so damn tired
It's been a million years since I let you go
I’m still missing you and
I thought you should know

I lay awake every night
And I’m afraid of the light
It's already six a.m. and my bed is cold
I’m out of coffee again and
I thought you should know

Is anyone out there?
Does anyone care?
Is anyone out there?
Is anyone out there?
Does anyone care?
I live in this fucked up town and I get nowhere

I squeeze a lime and take a drink
Same thing every night this week
I roll a dollar up to catch the snow
But it don’t numb my heart and I thought you should know

Song Comments

The Gatekeeper
one of my fav artists here...truth anyone.....jen bye tells it and lays it down. this song reflects a personal call of sorts, how else can you write such gripping lyrics, thisis deep........

a heartfelt, gritty gem, jen rawks...

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