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Monday, July 12, 2010 5:53:48 AM
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Monday, July 12, 2010 5:55:45 AM
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music is truth II
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A song that encourages you to be who you are, you are precious, unique - Shine!

Written by Jade Ambroze
Produced by Andy Sorenson and David Holmes Popworks Studio
A friend was finding it hard to fit in at a new place, she thought she might have to change to make any friendships/connections. I encouraged her not to change, that she was precious and unique just the way she was - if other people didn't see that it was still true. I told her to be herself and shine.

Written by: Jade Ambroze

Verse 1
Don't you know there's never been anyone like you and never will be again
Don't you try to be different just to be the same as everyone my friend
'Cause you have qualities in your personality that nobody else can possess
And authenticity is the key to your greater destiny
To be your best
'Cause you are more than what you see and everything you wanna be is there in your heart
Shine, live your life, live your dreams
Your precious beauty is unique
There's never been anyone like you and never will be again
Fly, now's the time to be free
You can be anything you wanna be
There's never been anyone like you and never will be again
So shine
Verse 2
Diamonds, rubies or any other jewel you'll see will never compare
'Cause you're created as an individual with your own style and flair
And it is precious the way talk, the way you laugh, the way you walk, the way that you share
'Cause you are more than one in a million, there's no-one like you anywhere so

This is not just anyone's history
This is your day to shine, your life to lead, your story to tell
And you are made in the image of The Everlasting Loving God
And He made you well
Pre-chorus x 2
Be who you are go on and
Chorus x 2
So shine
Shine, shine
Copyright Jade Ambroze 2005
Song Comments

music is truth II
This is a sweet hopeful uplifting and inspiring song by Jade Anbroze ,this is a revisit to music is truth after a few years away from here, song released in 2010 and still resonates wonderful and as fresh as the first time I heard it. Shine On Jade

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