Zach BardonThe Reason (A Grown Man Cries)
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Tuesday, September 04, 2012 1:55:42 PM
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Tuesday, September 04, 2012 1:58:12 PM


The "cowboy campfire song" tradition is huge and wonderful. I wanted to write a song in that tradition, so... I did! I must admit that I love that romanticized ideal of a small group of rugged men relaxing around a campfire after a hard day's work, singing absolutely heartbreaking songs.

Guitars, vocals: Zach Bardon

Tears always dry up by and by
But I'll count myself lucky if I sleep tonight
I might feel better come morning light
But I know the reason a grown man cries

I just can't forget, oh no I can't
How lovely our dreams and how perfect our plans
Now it's so much water beneath the bridge
And I'll add to that water tears for our unborn kids

I know suff'ring and I know pain
I've lost something I'll never see again
I know a sorrow that never dies
I know the reason a grown man cries

What I've been through, it done left me so scarred
If you look in my eyes, you'll see scars on my heart
I never feel hungry and I never can sleep
I know the reason a grown man weeps

Bygones are bygones, what's past is through
But I have no future if I can't be with you
This realization of my greatest fear
Is more than enough to bring this grown man to tears
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