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Caught in the headlights
Now you're on my mind
Be still my heart, it's you
You hit me like a bolt of lightning
I don't know what to say to you

Darling I've been on my own
So long I won't waste money on a phone
Keep those stupid jackless things
When she comes near, my bell starts ringing

I say oh no
She could crystal my invention
You should know, oh
Got no use for intervention
So I go, whoa
Then her light drew me back

Caught in the headlights
Now you are on my mind
And you've tattooed me too
I never measure what I never find
Never found a girl like you

Caught in the headlights
And my eyes fall out
Roll 'cross the walk to you
You seem to notice
You're so beautiful
Girl I don't know what to do

Darling I can't waste my time
So pull me close and draw the line
It's a rip-cord that goes to my heart
You parachute right through my heart

A system meltdown
Here's she driving
And arriving with the top down
It's too late, I got a look
And with my guard down
So now I'll dream of you

~Guitar in the headlights

I suppose I tried to run
And so did you back at square one
This is old enough to cause me pain
And young enough to melt my brain

She's next door now
I could weave it in the fabric
Lay the glove down
Make it look like she's the wimp
And just head downtown
'Cause I'm scared of you

Caught in the headlights
Oh my God am I so helpless before you?
I'm wearing shoes that don't quite fit my mind
Still I walked a mile through

Caught in the headlights
As she swung around the corner right on cue
HONK HONK the horn and I just spin around
Now tonight I'll dream of you
Caught up in the sight of you
Caught in the light

Copyright 2016 ~ Lesley Jane & BEATLESEX
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