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Tuesday, March 05, 2013 3:12:20 PM
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Thursday, September 03, 2015 10:28:58 AM
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Scenes From Palacio
Mystery Too


mumbo jumbo its a gumbo -kinda Doors feel with an old school organ groove through first part and switch to synth. kinda alternative experimental but also has an eastern european vibe by using a different scale and melodic quality

bryon tosoff 2013

mumbo jumbo, The phrase probably originated from the Mandingo name Maamajomboo, which was a masked dancer that took part in religious ceremonies. In the 18th century Mumbo-jumbo referred to a West African god.
Spirituality, New Age, Astrology & Self-help / Alternative Belief Systems) an object of superstitious awe or reverence
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folk rhythms perhaps, from the baltic, or russia, transposin' into a mysterioso, doorsy vibe...

Scenes From Palacio
Like a strange theme from some late 70s spy movie..A resonant feeling of intrigue,mystery and obsession..An eerieness and hgaunted quality i really like...

Mysterious sounds of eastern europe collide with jim morrison and the doors

Mystery Too
MUMBLE JUMBLE mumbo jumbo, chicken gumbo.

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